Q&A with Lisa Falkenstein, Owner Of Nurtured Foundations Doula & Newborn Care Service:


We love supporting our ambassadors as they impact the world with their own focus on wellness and care. We sat down with with Lisa Falkenstein, owner of Nurtured Foundations Doula & Newborn Care Service to ask her a few questions. Check out her responses and be sure to visit their website for more info: https://nurturedfoundation.com/


Introduce yourself:


Hi I’m Lisa!  I am a mom to two teens and a wife to an amazing guy.  I love all things pregnancy, postpartum, and infant care related.  My passion is helping families get the best start.


What IS a doula?  


A doula is a person that provides emotional, educational and physical support to pregnant and postpartum moms, dads and caregivers.


How long have you been a doula?  


I have been doing doula work for 11 years.  I worked solo and very part-time while my children were young.  In 2014 I started Nurtured Foundation Doula & Newborn Care and expanded my services.


How/why did you end up in this career? 


I’ve been around newborns my entire life.  I’ve babysat, nannied, and received my degree in Family Studies.  I worked with families through Family Services as well as in the non-profit sector. 


It was when I had my own children and struggled with postpartum depression/anxiety, that I became focused on supporting families during that postpartum time. My passion for supporting families has only grown with each year.  


Who can benefit from a doula?


Anyone looking for support during pregnancy and/or postpartum.  Doulas help with a birthing family as well as surrogate and adoptive families.  Doulas used during the labor and delivery are shown to help reduce labor times, lower the chance of medical interventions such as cesarean birth and help reduce maternal anxiety.  


Postpartum doulas are also for birthing, surrogate and adoptive families.  They provide support at home with the transition.  They help facilitate a space for the family to bond, recover as well as educate on newborn care.  They provide day and night care depending on the family’s needs. Postpartum doulas are focused on supporting the entire family.


What types of doulas are there?


There are actually quite a few types of doulas, but we focus on two: Birth Doulas & Postpartum Doulas.


Birth doulas provide education and support during pregnancy, labor, delivery and follow up postpartum for a visit.


Postpartum doulas provide the education and support once the baby has come home and assist with the transition to parenthood.


Are doula covered by insurance?


Doulas are not medical providers and not covered under most insurance plans.  Many HSA & FSA plans do allow doulas as a covered service. We always recommend families check with their plans to confirm.


What is the most important part of choosing a doula?


The absolute most important part is making sure you “click” with your doula.  You can find the most highly qualified doula, but if you don’t feel comfortable with your doula, it will not be the great experience you are hoping for.  


Let’s face it, most people look great on paper, but you need a doula you feel comfortable and safe with. This is a very sacred and vulnerable time and you need to surround yourself with a birth and/or postpartum team you can trust.  Always interview your doula before hiring!


What other services does your company offer? 


Nurtured Foundation Doula & Newborn Care offers birth & postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists for overnight care, placenta encapsulation, belly binding, in-home lactation support, in-home prenatal & postpartum massage and sleep training/education.


One tip for a first time mom/parents:


Do NOT be afraid to ask for help!  Society tells us we must do it all, but that’s a lie.  It’s ok to get help!  Friends and families always ask what they can do…let them do something.  Throwing in some laundry, bringing a meal, running errands, holding baby so you can nap and/or shower are some great and easy ways to get some much needed support.


I have to sneak another tip in: Be kind to yourself! Parenting is a learning curve!


Find out more about Lisa and the team at Nurtured Foundations here: https://nurturedfoundation.com/

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