Q&A With The Elvolation Holistic Health and Fitness Team



Introduce yourself and who all is apart of the Elvolation team-

My name is Shannon Tomshack and I am an Energy Coach / Practitioner and Co-Owner of Elvolation Holistic Health and Fitness. Our team currently includes Marissa Caraballo; Co-Owner and Strength and Movement Coach as well as Daniel Quiring; Strength and Movement Coach.


Where are you located?

We are located at 753 Avon Belden Road, Suite F in Avon Lake Ohio, 44012.


What services do you offer?

We over one-on-one Strength and Movement Coaching, Pain Management sessions utilizingAmino Neuro-Frequency Therapy, and 90-minute Energy Healing sessions (modalities including but not limited to, Crystalline Consciousness Technique, Integrated Energy Therapy, Access Consciousness Bars, guided meditation, journaling, and more). 


Our community services currently include:

Bi-weekly Functional Cardio and Core Open Workouts (free event)

Bi-weekly Empowerment Circle (free event, "love donation based)


We plan to add in a few more open community events by April 2020!



What types of people can you help? Do you have any specialities?

We can help anyone with a body! We specialize in providing coaching for individuals who are looking to truly dig deep into learning the proper movement and mechanics of their body, build muscle or lose weight, ease chronic pain or inflammation, and heal the root source of energetic imbalances (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) that may be playing into physical dis-ease, chronic pain, and emotional disturbances. 



Why do you have a passion for health/wellness?

Growing up in a chiropractic-based household, my passion for health and wellness began at a very young age - though my fascination for the human body truly took off through out my recover with Chronic Lyme Disease. Through the progression of this absolutely debilitating disease, it slowly took control over every organ and body system that I have. I lost my ability to keep food down with gut imbalances, severe fatigue, suffered from chronic full body pain, lost control of my nervous system, became wheelchair and bed-bound, developed Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTs), seizures, and the list goes on. Having seen so many conventional medical doctors and specialist that we lost count and only continuing to get worse as my diagnoses were (and still aren't) recognized in the western medicine community, I began working with a functional medicine doctor who ignited my healing journey by taking a look at my full body and organs as whole. It was through out this journey that I began utilizing other alternative methods such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, IV Nutrients, photo-biomodulation and red light therapy (JOOVV Light), infrared sauna, Amino Neuro-Frequency Therapy for chronic pain (a current modality that we offer at Elvolation Holistic Health and Fitness), and eventually, the current vital life source energy healing modalities that we now offer as services at Elvolation; Crystalline Consciousness Technique, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Access Consciousness Bars.


It was through out my experience of re-learning my mind, body, and genuinely how to live -- that Marissa and I knew it is our life purpose to bring more light and awareness to the magnitude that these energy-based practices supply to all forms of healing. You see, Dr. Mark Hyman released a podcast stating that somewhere around 80% of ALL healing does not actually focus on the body or mind..it actually revolves around the Soul (I believe this quote is accurate)-- our life force energy. The energy that creates and comprises who we are at our core, that fuels our physiological processes, our organs, our bodies, our thoughts, and our minds. This can not be ignored in the healing field and it is our mission to reconnect our community with the interconnected-ness of our minds, bodies, and souls. Whether it be through becoming consciously aware of your posture, range of motion, muscular strength, or feeling good within your own skin; or through reconnecting to the power of your mind to truly bring to light our true, authentic, happy selves -- join our community and you will find the self-empowerment you have been trying so desperately to find.



If you could give people ONE health tip, what would it be?

Listen to your body! Our bodies are SO innately intelligent and provide us signs and signals every single day pointing us in the direction that is best suited for our health. Our pain, sensations, and thoughts all have purpose. Those gut feelings you receive are important. The emotions you feel all play a role in the bigger picture. Listen, before it's too late!


What is your favorite healthy(ish) restaurant in the area?

Our favorite restaurant has quickly become Bibibop in Crocker Park. So yummy!


Favorite quote:

Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it. Ann Wigmore


Elvolation Holistic Health and Fitness Instagram: @Elvolation

Marissa's Personal Instagram: @LivingFunctionally 

Dan's Personal Instagram: @Dan_Quiring 

Shannon's Personal Instagram: @TheUnconventionalHuman  


Phone Number: (440) 961-0492

Email Address: ElvolationAthletics@ElvolationAthletics.com

Website: www.Elvolation.com

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