Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Cleveland OH Sarah Horbol Testimonial

"Regularly seeing a chiropractor keeps my body moving efficiently!  If a runner's body is out of alignment, it can negatively affect their stride. Chiropractic adjustments correct imbalances, which as a result helps to prevent injuries and make me a better runner!"

"A quick rock-blading session relieves tightness in targeted areas. I usually focus on my traps, lower back, and IT bands. Regular massage therapy also has extreme benefits. Running 60-70 miles a week leaves me with fatigued and tight muscles.  Massages help loosen up and elongate my muscles. Afterwards, my movement feels much more fluid. Massages also help reduce inflammation, and of course, provide much needed time to relax!"

- Sarah Horbol,  2018 Cleveland Marathon Winner

Chiropractic Cleveland OH Kate Rawlings Testimonial

"Not all chiropractic offices are created equal and Great Lakes Health and Wellness has made my pregnancy and postpartum journey much smoother. And to top it all off......"

"They take care of my son as well. Over his first year they kept his spine aligned, helped with teething and poured so much love into his life. BEST part.... you’re in and out in 15min so even the busiest of moms can squeeze it all in."

- Kate Rawlings, Owner Of Coca Crossfit

Chiropractic Cleveland OH Norma Testimonial

"An outstanding place to go and receive the proper care for your back, neck, etc. The staff welcomes you when you arrive and the care you get after you arrive is wonderful. I would highly recommend this place."

"I am a senior and have suffered from back and neck pain and Dr. Lydia (pictured on the left) has made it possible for me to walk without pain and to feel better overall. I can't say enough about this practice. They are truly professionals with a heart!"

- Norma

Chiropractic Cleveland OH Coach Jay Testimonial

"I used to feel pain in my left lumbar spine/oblique area because of an injury while I was performing the exercise with my right arm. I'm pretty sure it's from a minor car accident from a couple years ago in which I was rear-ended."

"That pain is gone now! I can thank my chiropractor Dr. Bob! The weekly adjustments and constant therapy that I can do at home has helped my back tremendously. I have had a few x-rays since the original appointment, and there is a major improvement in the degree of my spine!

- Coach Jay, Coach At Orange Theory

Chiropractic Cleveland OH Stephanie Sprowls Testimonial

"Chiropractic care and massage has helped me tremendously throughout the last 2 years! I am able to continue heavy workouts with less pain and know that I am doing something positive for my health every week by keeping my appointments."

- Stephanie Sprowls, Physical Therapist