Functional Medicine


The practice of functional medicine in Cleveland OH is a root-cause approach to addressing dysfunction within the body and optimizing overall health and well-being. 

Functional Medicine in Cleveland OH



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  • Hormonal Weight Gain

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bloating

  • Thyroid Issues

  • Food & Seasonal Allergies

  • And So Much More!


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Our Professional TEAM

Shannon Asbury, MSN, RN, IHP2
Shannon is a Registered Nurse, certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and Root Cause Protocol consultant specializing in addressing and correcting dysfunction at the cellular level.  She is a Northeast Ohio native who loves her city and is passionate about helping her clients become the healthiest possible version of themselves! Shannon sees each client as being bio-individual and uses their personal background, goals, and resources to create unique protocols to achieve long-lasting and sustainable results.
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What we do

The aim is to identify and restore the deficiencies causing less-than-ideal health at the cellular level so that the body is able to restore balance within itself which gives it an opportunity to heal as intended. Our packages break down the foundations of health including diet, exercise, stress, sleep and more in order to set you up for a successful and sustainable journey towards optimal health!

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Functional Testings We Offer

(*included in our functional medicine packages) This test looks at tissue mineral content and can tell us about any deficiencies, loss, or stress patterns.

Standard blood work with an interpretation from a functional perspective, which uses ranges through a more narrow lens.

This test shows us hormone levels and their metabolites, along with cortisol patterns and some additional organic acids.

This test lets us see the terrain of your gut! It is a comprehensive stool test, that can detect parasites, bacteria, fungi, and more! 

Allows us to view the body's cellular metabolic processes. 

Allows us to see micronutrient deficiencies. 

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